Dr. Kerri Fullerton, ND

In my early teens I was terrified of being fat. I was obsessed with my body and food. I was either dieting, or secretly eating everything I could. Always at war with my body. Then came the bulimia and the perpetual dieting. Each new diet or exercise program offered new hope. Each failure resulted in a binge and more shame.

Then I found hope in an unexpected way. A new book that introduced a non-diet solution. Finally, I was on the right path and for the next 10 years I read every self-help book. I was getting better. My purging stopped. My binges decreased. I started to be kinder to my body.

Then I had my son. My binging came back and then the bulimia. I was devastated. This was not going to take me down without a fight. As a naturopathic doctor, I couldn’t help but take a scientific approach. The next few years were trial and error. Each success built on the one before, and each failure provided new lessons.

I took these successes and failures and developed a modeled process that I shared with the first group of rebels. And like me, they started to get results. The Diet Rebellion was born!

Dr. Kerri Fullerton, ND
Want to Know How to Ditch Dieting Without Getting Fat?